Paving the Future of Digital Identity

At, our mission is to develop a secure and decentralized identity verification platform that is easily accessible, convenient, and secure for individuals and businesses. As we look ahead, we are excited to share our tentative roadmap outlining the key milestones and initiatives we have planned for the remainder of the year:

2023 High-Level Technologies/ Updates

Quarter 1
Strengthening the Foundation
  • Gateway Protocol updates on Solana
      • On-chain settlement of fees
      • Improved Gatekeeper security 
      • More control for integrators over passes' properties
      • Staking support
  • Release of did:sol v3 (see repo)
Quarter 2
Expanding the Ecosystem
  • Verifiable Credentials
      • Identity App: Allows you to receive, store, and share verifiable credentials.
      • Issuing Service: a scalable and secure solution for issuing verifiable credentials (VCs)
  • Collaborating with BNB Chain for secure identity solutions. Learn more.
  • Update developer documentation for Gateway Protocol changes
Quarter 3
Implementations and Transition
  • Verifiable Credentials 
      • Launch Identity App
  • did:bnb implementation 
      • Solidity implementation of a did:bnb DID method
  • DID Tooling / Accessibility
      • Provide Integration Tooling for did:bnb 
  • Continue to update developer documentation for Gateway Protocol 
  • Add support for the Gateway Protocol on BNB Chain
      • Gateway Protocol BNB Design
Quarter 4
Advancing Forward
  • [Continue] Add support for the Gateway Protocol on BNB Chain
      • Implementation Gateway Protocol
      • Gatekeeper Tooling / Accessibility
      • Ecosystem / Network Portal
  • Extend Mobile App functionality based on launch insights