Your iPhone is Watching You


Most people are aware by now that we finally moved into full blown surveillance society.


We were told in order to be able to effectively fight terrorism we have to get rid of certain laws protecting our privacy.

The new laws have been changed in a way that the government has access to our private data as never before.

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Researchers recently published a white paper where they took a closer look at the operating system used by Apple to run the iPhone.


The conclusions were shocking. They are several hidden backdoor spy modules built in the operating system. That hidden spy software is able to transmit all you personal data on your phone such as your location records, personal messages, call records, phone book with all your contacts, browsing history to a remote server without you even noticing.

In the past the government had to contact your mobile network operator to get hold of your personal information, now they have instant access to a live feed of your life.

Many people were hoping for change when Obama took over the office in 2009. However, in terms of protecting the privacy of citizens nothing really changed. Every law that had been introduced by George W. Bush after 911 has been untouched until today.


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