Why People Like To Change Their Identity?


There are a number of reasons why people like to change their identity. The main one why people like to change their identity is “everyone deserves a second chance”.

Of course these statements are broad and they relate to peoples individual circumstances.

In a lot of instances people can make mistakes in their lives or just plain fail “to make the cut” according to the Judaeo-Christian standards of law or the just plain societal pliers of the way things are “supposed to be” which we know is not always the way – as there are a lot of “gray” areas in life.

So if a junior gets a criminal record and straightens out when he is a senior – the junior criminal record can impact the rest of his life and prevent him from getting a good job, into a school, failing him entitlements to certain government programs etc.

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Even in the case of making a mistake and creating one criminal act and having this on your record can destroy the rest of your life, don’t forget Jesus had a criminal record too in the eyes of Roman Law, he was crucified, so a criminal record is in itself a cruxcification of the rest of your life.

If you go into debt, debts can be forgiven, however, the fact that you were in debt or became bankrupt is in itself a major “sin” in the eyes of credit “unworthy” institutes who in this day and age can be “bailed” out, in certain instances though, the only chance of a person “bailing” themselves out is another reason why people like to change their identity.

In the cases of domestic violence or stalking where a court restraining order is of little or no use, often the victim or abusee has to disappear and herein a very valid reason why people have to change their identity to avoid an unscrupulous individual predator or abuser.

Unfortunately, in most instances the police cannot protect people in a domestic violence or stalking situation and people have to rely on their own skills to change their identity.

This is an instance though where the the government witness protection program could be broadened to protect domestic violence or stalking victims from an unscrupulous violent predator or abuser.

Indeed the government takes the law into its own hands changing identities for the witness protection program, undercover operations and cloak and dagger operations.


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  1. lsia32 says

    Good point you make here. I really want to start over as well. To be honest with you my life really sucks. I became a real slave. Horrible boss, unpaid overtime, payday lenders ripping me off, pawn show taking away my last possessions.

  2. rubina says

    I have been hanging out with the wrong kind of people. I tried several times to escape gang life without success. I just don’t know why they are always able to find me.

  3. Bob81 says

    Interesting article. I turned into a f%&$$% work slave, I just need to find a way to escape this hell.

  4. Tuna says

    I am a victim of domestic violence. The authorities do not offer me ANY support. I am so frustrated.

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