Top Reasons Why People Live Below the Radar


People decide to live under the radar for a lot of reason. And these days, changing your identity is no longer illegal unless one is doing it to mislead or for deceitful intentions.


It is termed as illegal when changing of your identity can lead to financial losses of a third party. However, if it’s for some other motive or in the event you are running from your past, changing your identity is not quite difficult.

These are the TOP FIVE reasons why people alter their identities:

Witness Protection Program

Witness protection program can be used in cases involving crimes against humanity, international terrorism, various gangs, and drug cartels. For example, these plans have been abducted by lots of former drug kingpins after putting rivals and allies in prison. In these instances, confidential information is being handled by witnesses.

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The witnesses who will be testifying against the suspects are most times wanted dead by these suspects. So, if you are or would like to be a witness in such high profile cases, you will need to change your identity. In most cases, you will be given some added benefits which includes supplying you with upkeep cash and relocating you to another state.

Escaping an abusive relationship

If you happen to be a victim of spousal abuse, you can also change your identity. You will be getting so many things including a social security number as well as a brand new name. You will not be found by friends and family easily; you will be more like a ghost on earth. It is recommended to embrace a name that is generic. Make your name common, like “James smith” or “Ann Johnson”

Escaping gang life

When it comes to escaping gang life, the process is not very easy. It includes long and boring preparation. Additionally, your fellow gang members need you to be in the game and should you indicate otherwise, they will be uncomfortable. But in case your life is at stake, it is time you depart from your gang and change your identity. Where you run to or hide, life will catch up with you, should you not alter your identity. You have to do this with extreme caution and complete secrecy when altering your identity. If you must, involve just a few individuals to lessen the likelihood of being exposed.

Avoiding debt

Some people tend to change their names for this particular reason. Nevertheless, it is not lawfully accepted as it incurs financial loss to other parties involved. Getting into debt is a fatal snare. Life will get unmanageable when your debt rolls up to a critical mass. When your finances have been ruined by private lenders, banks, charge card firms, you might want to consider changing your identity. Avoiding creditors by changing identities may appear just like a straight out film from Hollywood, it works all the time.

Avoiding law enforcement agencies                                  

Changing identities for this particular reason is equally illegal. Perhaps you are faced with offenses like a number of other atrocities and drug peddling. The verdict of your case can be a long term jail or homicide. In this case, it is advisable you change your identity and move on with your life.


Complete disappearance also means changing your identity and staying away from people who know your true identity.

However, Technology has really made it difficult for people to vanish into thin air. To disappear, you must possess a fresh identity and make sure you erase anything that traces back to you.




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