Top Five Reasons People Change Their Identity


Your identity is very important in your everyday life. People forge their own identities living their day to day lives.


Sometimes, things can happen that can make people consider about changing their identities and starting to live a new life. Here are the top five reasons why people change their identities:

1. The united states Federal witness protection program gives people new identities for their own safety.


The program is operated by the united states Marshals service. The program is designed to protect threatened witnesses before, during, and after a trial.

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The program was created so that witnesses that are involved in serious criminal cases couldn‘t be threatened or killed if they chose to testify in court. The program gives a new identity to the witness and helps him to stay away from the all-seeing eyes of mafia and big gangs.

2. People also change their identities because of abusive relationships.


Some people don‘t want to be tracked by a former girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse, so they decide to change their names or surnames. An ex can be very dangerous if he is abusive and has mental problems. Many people in the world are suffering abuse everyday, so it is only natural that they would consider changing their identity. In my opinion, that should be the last resort after all other options have been exhausted.

3. Some former criminals change their identities because they want to change their life and don’t want to be associated with criminal activities anymore.


Doing something so your former “friends” can’t track you is a must in such circumstances. You could know a lot of secrets which can’t be shared with anyone and the moment you aren’t in their circle you become a threat, someone to be eliminated.

4.  Probably the most common reason of wanting to disappear is debt.


A lot of people are in debt nowadays and some of them have crippling debt due to bad life decisions or other circumstances. It can be medical debt, credit card debt or even student debt. If your only option is to be a wage slave for the rest of your life, you will want to change your name and move somewhere far away so you can start a new life.

5.  Hiding from law enforcement is another serious reason why someone would try to change their identity.


No one wants to go to jail so people try to escape being caught by all means. Mafia bosses or leaders of various gangs commonly change their identities in order to escape law enforcement agencies.

To summarise, people of all walks of life might consider changing their names, living locations for different reasons.

Only they know if it is the right choice for them. Many have gone down that path and many more will. The only constant in life is change.



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