The Most Common Reasons People Choose to Get a New Identity


In movies we have seen a lot of stories about people who changed their identity and live a completely new life. However, is this something possible in real life? The answer is yes and no.


In this modern era, it’s quite impossible to completely erase your identity, except the government is doing it for you. Even if the government has agreed to give you a new identity (a new name and social security number) there are still some records in the system that link your new and old identity. So you might be not too easy to find, but it doesn’t make it impossible to find you.

In the past, before the computerization and the Internet era, it might be possible to do so. Usually it’s done by taking the identity of a dead baby who was born around the same time as the person who wants to change his or her identity. But today, everything is on the system, making it impossible for you to get away with something like that.

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Why does anyone need a new identity anyway? There are various different answers to that question, but here are some of the most common reasons why people choose to get a new identity:

Escaping an Abusive Relationship

A lot of marriages and relationships are falling apart due to an abusive behavior of one of the individuals in the relationship. In many cases, this abusive behavior could turn into extremely violent and dangerous, especially if there are kids involve.

Escaping an abusive relationship is actually considered as a legitimate reason for a person to get a new identity. However, sometimes it’s not very helpful, because the abuser can still track you down through your family and friends who know about your new identity and location. Additionally, it’s also quite difficult to change a child’s name, especially if the abuser is also the parent of the child.

Escaping Debt

Many people think that they can escape from a huge amount of debt by changing their identity, but sadly it’s not going to work. When you change your identity legally, the federal government will have to share your new identity with a bunch of federal and state agencies, including state tax agencies, child support agencies, student loan companies, the IRS, and entitlement programs. These records can be accessed by the law enforcement agencies and also financial institutions like banks, credit bureaus, and collection agencies.

Running Away From Law Enforcement Agents

This is just like the above case and clearly it’s not going to help, unless you don’t change your identity legally and staying away completely out of the system, which is not an easy thing to do. Even if you can manage to do so, law enforcement agents always have their ways to find their targets.

Someone Stole Your Identity

This is also considered as a legitimate reason to change your identity. If you’re a victim of an identity theft and the thief has really made your life a living hell, then the government can help you by providing you with a new identity.



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