New Identity New Life?


It is quite common to  see people change their identity in movies. But the question is whether it can happen in real life?


Let us try and find out whether this is possible and feasible. At a first instance it would be quite clear that it would be impossible to complete get rid or erase one’s identify, especially in today’s world of technology where everything about a person can be captured in some form of other. The only entity which perhaps can do this is the government of the day. Though quite difficult it is quite possible for you to change your social security number or SSN as it is better understood. However, changing your SSN number is more of an exception than a rule. It can be done only under very rare circumstances. Even if it happens, there are ways and means by which the old SSN number could get linked to the new number.

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Identity Identity Change Scams

There are many websites which promise to help you to change your identity and they also talk about their capability of discarding the past completely. However, some of those sites should not be taken on their face value because most of them are scams. They are there to make some fast bucks and get out. At the most they might hand over a fake ID which you will not be able to use. You could also be booked for falsifying information and could face legal charges. Changing birth records, faking them may all have been possible a few decades ago. However, today when all records are computerized it would be virtually improbable to do so.

So Is There No Way Around

Your best bet would be to have your name changed legally. You could also think about moving to a distant place, perhaps away from your own country. You could take up a different profession and try and start life afresh. You might also try and do the tricks which are oft repeated in movies. You could have a complete makeover of your looks and appearances and could also change the way you walk, speak and move around.

Some Legal Ways Of Creating A New Person

The first legal way is to have your name changed. You may have to do away with the name you parents might have given you. Changing names is perfectly legal and not very uncommon. There are certain procedures for changing names and checking with the local government authorities could be the best way out. The reason for name change must be clearly mentioned. The authority will put up the name change request for public scrutiny. If there are no objections being raised then the name change procedure can go through.

Hence at the end of the day, though it might be theoretically possible to change names and start afresh, getting it done on the ground is not an easy job. It calls for understanding various processes and going through the same. But still you might end up with slippages which might cost you dearly.



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