My Stalker Horror Story


I love to join school activities and clubs because have many friends around me. I really like to mingle with other people because I’m the only child in my family.

I like to talk a lot and I can laugh until my tears will flow, from laughing when I hang out with my friends. I can’t do this at home because my parents are never there. I only except for my 11 months old Chihuahua dog. I actually asked my parents to buy me a dog because the silence in our home made me crazy. The good thing is that even though my dog is small her bark is very loud. After activities, I actually go straight back home. I will go straight away to my room and talk with my friends on Facebook.

The odd thing about it is that few days ago someone started sending me strange messages. At first I didn’t bother, maybe one of my friends trying to play a prank on me. I replied the messages, I did not at all. To the point that I got irritated because it has been one month we have been taking. I decided not to reply anymore and one night the sender sends a message that scared me. He told me he is ‘watching’ me. I told to myself that this is too much. I deleted my Facebook account and other social networking site. The stalking didn’t stop there even though I deleted all my accounts.

The stalker put messages in my locker. And sometimes when I’m at home alone with my dog I’m really scared especially when my dog keep barking because I know someone is outside the house but I don’t want to go down and check if who is it. And I know it is not my parents because they have their own key if they left the key they will honk the car to tell me that I should open the door. By the way my parents didn’t know about the stalker.

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Until one night I can feel that someone is following me and the other night same person was outside our house. I made a decision to tell them about the stalker and they were mad at me because it’s been two weeks since I notice about the stalker and I didn’t tell them about it until now.

My parents talk to each other and my mother resign to her job to take care of me. She drives me to school and picks me up after. But one time the stalker was able to sneak to my school because one time the he left a message in my locker. But my parents told the principal about the incident and they hired more security for extra protection for their students.

But you can’t be so sure about this you might not know there is always a way to sneak in the school. It all ended when we transferred from another state because my father accepted a job in California. I also transferred school and I left all my club activities and my school friends behind. Until now I don’t who that stalker was. I didn’t see the face because the stalker always wearing black jacket with a bonnet on the head. Just be careful who are you talking with. People nowadays can’t be trusted especially strangers. I hope this incident that happened to me will not happen to you.


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