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After graduating from college I could not find any work. My father came to my rescue by becoming the guarantor for my loan.


I took out one loan from the bank and the down payment was done by my father. I used the money to set up my business of mobile and its accessories shop. At the initial stage, I felt that I will be able to repay  the loan within few years, but I business was not doing well and I starting taking  out more loans from different banks, my dad was always paying all the monthly installments on those loans.

Soon I started realizing that I will never be able to make any decent profit, indeed I was loosing money and my dad was having a hard time finding all the money to  back the loan on time.

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We were getting more and more into debt and my monthly loss was getting bigger. I was suffering from depression as even my father was not able to help me anymore with the money issue that I was facing.

I was going nowhere, when we discovered that my dad is having health issue. Within few months, he passed away and which means the guarantor of my all loan was no more and I was left all alone with it.

I was clueless about what would be my next step and didn’t have any idea about how will I be able to get rid of the loans. I was trying everything that I could to solve the issue as soon as possible, but nothing was working for me. Finally I found a way to get rid of the entire problem that made my  life like a living hell.

I decided to change my entire life, so that none of the lender can ever find me and send me threatening court letters and repossess all my belongings . It was one of the hardest decision that I took in my entire life, but the fact is that I did not have any other options apart from changing my identity.

It was very difficult to find a legal way to change my identity and start over. I did not want to know anything illegal.

I was not the person, who where suppose to pay the lenders, I was like a new person. I did not have any loans to pay back I finally found freedom in my life.



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