I Want To Change My Identity


“Life is a bitch, then you die.” I heard this once when I was a teenager in my little Suburban town. Those were the days when I had little worries about the world and had never thought that my life would ever be miserable like the folks I witnessed around me.


I wasn’t good at studies, but that never stopped me from winning the world, trying my luck at making money. I chose to open a confectionary store there, thinking that I could handle it on my own. But, I didn’t have enough money, so I took a loan from the local bank with the little house, as mortgage, I had from my parents. But, destiny had something else in mind.

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A few days passed, customers were pretty low out there. Not because, nobody cared to buy stuff from me, but because there already was a confectionary which had been quite popular there. I guess I was too stupid to think that competition would not have hindered my business much. My competitor had a lot of experience in this business and knew how to handle clients. That is where I lacked. And, when things could not have gone much worse, the worst happened. The loan that I had taken had grown too much as I was not able to pay up.


The bank had been sending notices in my mail every week. And, all I was doing was filing an extension for it. I am not a quitter, and would never do something that would only make me a weakling. But, all I want now is to change my identity. Move out of here, start a new life. Be somebody who would not repeat such mistakes and be in a debt again.
If only someone could help me with this and help me get a new identity to start it all again carefully. The debt that I have might not be able to get cleared that easily, and I do not want to end up in a jail to clear my debts.

That is why, I need help from someone who can get me a new identity, redo everything for me, and make me a new person. For that, I would have to move out of the place of course, which I am ready for. A new life with new goals, is what I ask for now.





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