How To Change Your Identity If You Are In Debt?


Are you ever wondering what should you do if you end up in debts? What is the best way to solve the debts and have normal life again? Well, I’m wondering these questions all the time after I buried myself in debts and lose my business.


When you end up in debts the life is not that easy anymore. That’s why you need to think about the best options for how to escape from your debts and be a normal and successful person again. After I did some research about all these, I discover that changing the identity is one of the best ways to escape from debts.

Change identity is not that easy, but is possible and in many cases it’s really helping people to escape from their debts. There are several steps in this process of change identity that you need to follow them very carefully.


First that you need to do if you want to change the identity is to change your name secretly. What actually this means? Changing names for some people is not that easy. Many of them do not want to let go their name, but in situations where you want to escape from debts, this step is really necessary.

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You can change your name secretly, without telling anybody else. However, before change your name it is really important to avoid deed poll, public notices or statutory declaration because you can be traced really easy. Also, when you doing this step for changing the identity make sure that your new name will not be relate with your old one. Only in that way you can successfully hide from your debt and the debt collectors.

Second useful thing that you should do is to move to another place. Moving to new places is always sign for a fresh start. So, if you have so many debts, moving will be the best idea, because in that way you will also avoid the debt collectors who are going to come to your old house and search for paying your debts. If you move to another place you will escape from the debt collectors and for sure you will have fresh new life.


Third important step in this process of changing identity is removing all your documents. This is really important move. You need to remove all the documents that contain your former name and your signature with that name. Also, make sure that you will remove all documents that are including your ID number, credit card number, passport, driving license, social security card and other personal information. Besides that, you need to be sure that you will remove the documents that include your Facebook or Twitter account, your e-mail address and any other passwords that can be connect with your real name and identity.

Even if someone will say that process of change identity is easy, believe me that is lying to you. All these things and even more are really sensitive and need to be done really carefully.

So, make sure that before decide to change your identity because of debts, you will do some research and learn more about all these steps.




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