Get Out Of Debt With A New Identity?


We would love to stay away from debt. However, we sometimes face challenges we are unable to overcome, debt can make you unstable.


Especially when you are really debt into debt,  you cannot just run away from debt because it is in your name. 

  • What is a debtor?

A debtor is simply someone who owes money and has legal obligation to pay back. If you owe a certain amount of money you arenot yet a debtor until you owe an amount you cannot afford to pay back, this is where the case gets serious. However, as earlier said almost all companies or everybody so to say will be debtors at one time or the other. Not only those that owe for goods and services or one item or the other are called debtors but also those that borrow money from one legal financial institution or the other. For example if you take loan to get a car, then you as a car owner are a debtor.

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In developed countries like America, most people carry some mortgage debt, ranging from car payment to student loan without being overwhelmed. But if you have ever found yourself in a crushing amount of debt, you would surely have had the sinking and desperate feeling that you will be thinking of all the time you remember you owe. At a point in time you begin to wonder how you got into this position of so much debt and at the same time how it feels to worry that you’ll never dig your way out. Reasons why you are so much indebted and may want to change your identity

  • What gets people into real debt? 

The first factor that lands you in debt is when you’re adding to your “balances” every Month. This happens when someone is not checking tracking or watching his credit card balances closely and thereby spends more than his budget.

When You get married and realize that your expenses has increased. Of course when you get married your expenses will increase and if your income is not enough to pay your increased expenses you will definitely run into debt.


Another reason is when debt stands in crossroad between you and your dreams. With monthly servicing of the debts, you may not be able to take your dream job, start a new business, or live the life you truly want to live.

Based on the above analysis, it is not enough to change its identity, man changes his or her identity majorly because he has been misrepresented, scammed or blackmailed.



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