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How To Disappear

Reinventing Myself Out Of Debt

Have you noticed lately that no matter how hard you work, it is impossible to get ahead? I have. Have you ever wished that you could just trade in this life for a new one and a brand new start? I did. It sounds too good to be true, but…

Your iPhone is Watching You

Most people are aware by now that we finally moved into full blown surveillance society. We were told in order to be able to effectively fight terrorism we have to get rid of certain laws protecting our privacy. (more…)

Gang Life

My family moved from Mexico to LA when I was only 2 years old. We came to the US illegally. My parents had that dream that once we would live in the US our lives would be perfect. My mom and dad just wanted to leave their old identities…

Faking your own death?

I can’t believe that it has gotten this far. I have been living a double life for so long. Lying to everyone I know for so long, I don’t know what is real or what has grown from my lies and deception. At this point, it no longer matters…