7 Easy Steps To Stay Under The Radar


As a business person, or even an ordinary citizen, you would rather the government and other authority figures kept well out of your private affairs.


This is however rarely the case because time and time again, you might find yourself interacting with these authority figures despite your unwillingness. Here are some tips to make these interactions rarer and hopefully make them stop all together:

1. Get a camouflage passport
These passports do exist and they are legal. Ideally, they should be used to conceal a person’s identity in case of a hijack or such other event, but since they are fakes all the same, you can use them to conceal your identity for your own purposes.

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2. Use anonymous credit cards
To further conceal your identity, you can purchase anonymous credit cards online. You only need to prepay the funds using an email address that does not necessarily have to be your everyday address, and then they will send you the card number and its expiration date. However, be sure that you are the only person who has access to that email and deposit little funds at a time as extra safety measures.


3. Always stay on the move
Do not get tied down to one place. Keep your finances in different places around the world and keep moving to those places in order to set the authority off your trail. This should give anyone who wants to access your wealth a hard time and they might give it up as a bad job all together, or they could get convinced that you are really not worth the effort.

4. Use PO Boxes
Conserve your anonymity by using mail services that provide you with a secret and secure mailbox after you forward to them your mail address. This ensures that you do not use a personal address that can be traced to you and that way the authority figures will have a hard time getting to you.

5. Don’t stuck out
It’s true that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Make sure that the only property you own is property you have use for. A lot of property will undoubtedly catch the attention of the IRS, and you can rest assured that they will come running to complicate matters for you. They are after your tax money and they will get it, or else you might find yourself in serious trouble for tax evasion. So keep things simple, and the IRS will have little if any interest in you.

6. Use the internet smart
The internet is a very vulnerable communication passage as far as security is concerned. This is because any number of people can access the information you send via the internet. True, there are security measures you can use to protect your anonymity in the internet, but remember that there are hackers who are rarely barred from getting what they want in the internet, regardless of whether they have a right to get it or not. Do not send sensitive information via email; they are particularly easy to intercept. As a safety measure, only send via email information that you wouldn’t mind the whole world knowing.


7. Don’t leave a trail
Make yourself trail- proof by completely destroying any documents that are sensitive and that can land you into trouble. One common way of doing this is by shredding those documents. However, beware that there are some computer programs that can piece together shredded documents, so for complete annihilation, you might want to both shred and burn this documents. It’s simple and fool proof.

With these tips, you should be able to keep well out of the reach of the establishment. If you have other tips on how to stay under the radar, feel free to share.


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