How to change your identity?

Most people, who choose to live under the radar or take on a new identity, do it because they experience problems they are not able to overcome with conventional approaches.


We are bombarded with advertisement on a daily bases with the aim to make us purchase holidays, cars, consumer electronics etc. we are not always able to afford.  Getting into serious debt is a very slow process. Once we have to use most of the hard earned money to pay of the interest on the money owed, people start to realize that they became a working slave for large corporations.  It’s a nightmare.


Being a stalking victim can destroy peoples live. Living in constant fear is very difficult deal with. Some people don’t receive the support and care they deserve from the law enforcement agencies.

Crime Suspects

People sometimes choose to run away from law enforcement agencies for crimes they allegedly committed. Bounty hunters track down alleged criminals who choose to run away.


Family abuse is one of the leading causes of injury to women in the United States. Escaping an abusive relationship can be very difficult.

Some people deserve a second chance, some do not. People committing a crime definitely deserve to pay back there debt to society.

There are many books online available helping people to change their identity or hide from whoever they are running away from. Unfortunately in many cases those books describe illegal change identity methods such as taking on the identity of a dead person. This is not only illegal, it will also get those people in prison faster than can think.

Using a 100% legal and ethical method to live under the radar is vital.

The book written by Peter Bergmann the ‘Change ID Bible‘ describes different legal change identity methods that also work in the digital world we live in now.

Rethinking Life after Debt Piles Up

I had a fairly uneventful childhood, graduated high school and went to college. Of course, during college, I racked up my share of student debt, but I expected to pay it off quickly after I got out of school and found my first job.


I met my wife while I was in college as well. She was an English Major. I was studying in the library when I first saw her and it was practically love at first sight. I finished up my business degree and we were quickly married. Unfortunately, she also had racked up quite a few student loans, so that didn’t help any. Continue reading

How To Change Your Identity If You Are In Debt?

Are you ever wondering what should you do if you end up in debts? What is the best way to solve the debts and have normal life again? Well, I’m wondering these questions all the time after I buried myself in debts and lose my business.


When you end up in debts the life is not that easy anymore. That’s why you need to think about the best options for how to escape from your debts and be a normal and successful person again. After I did some research about all these, I discover that changing the identity is one of the best ways to escape from debts. Continue reading

Reinventing Myself Out Of Debt

Have you noticed lately that no matter how hard you work, it is impossible to get ahead? I have. Have you ever wished that you could just trade in this life for a new one and a brand new start? I did.


It sounds too good to be true, but really, it is not. What started off as a move made out of desperation that turned out to be the best move of my life! Before I go into more detail on how I did it, how I broke free from the chains of debt to live a happy life as somebody new, I first must tell you about who I used to be. Continue reading

Debt Nightmare

My heart skipped a beat when I received the third phone call. It had only been a few hours since the second, maybe an hour or so before the first.

It had to have been Wells Fargo again. They were angry, wondering where the hell I was. Was I dead? I hadn’t been responding to bill notices for the last few months, which were now a motley coffee-stained pile on my kitchen table. Had I forgotten about the remaining 10k I owed?

I couldn’t bear to glance at the Caller ID again. Maybe it wasn’t Wells Fargo. It could have been my sister giving me a ring regarding the big family dinner Friday. I didn’t care. Continue reading

My Stalker Horror Story

I love to join school activities and clubs because have many friends around me. I really like to mingle with other people because I’m the only child in my family.

I like to talk a lot and I can laugh until my tears will flow, from laughing when I hang out with my friends. I can’t do this at home because my parents are never there. I only except for my 11 months old Chihuahua dog. I actually asked my parents to buy me a dog because the silence in our home made me crazy. The good thing is that even though my dog is small her bark is very loud. After activities, I actually go straight back home. I will go straight away to my room and talk with my friends on Facebook.

The odd thing about it is that few days ago someone started sending me strange messages. At first I didn’t bother, maybe one of my friends trying to play a prank on me. I replied the messages, I did not at all. To the point that I got irritated because it has been one month we have been taking. I decided not to reply anymore and one night the sender sends a message that scared me. He told me he is ‘watching’ me. I told to myself that this is too much. I deleted my Facebook account and other social networking site. The stalking didn’t stop there even though I deleted all my accounts. Continue reading