How to change your identity?

Most people, who choose to live under the radar or take on a new identity, do it because they experience problems they are not able to overcome with conventional approaches.


We are bombarded with advertisement on a daily bases with the aim to make us purchase holidays, cars, consumer electronics etc. we are not always able to afford.  Getting into serious debt is a very slow process. Once we have to use most of the hard earned money to pay of the interest on the money owed, people start to realize that they became a working slave for large corporations.  It’s a nightmare.


Being a stalking victim can destroy peoples live. Living in constant fear is very difficult deal with. Some people don’t receive the support and care they deserve from the law enforcement agencies.

Crime Suspects
People sometimes choose to run away from law enforcement agencies for crimes they allegedly committed. Bounty hunters track down alleged criminals who choose to run away.


Family abuse is one of the leading causes of injury to women in the United States. Escaping an abusive relationship can be very difficult.

Some people deserve a second chance, some do not. People committing a crime definitely deserve to pay back there debt to society.

There are many books online available helping people to change their identity or hide from whoever they are running away from. Unfortunately in many cases those books describe illegal change identity methods such as taking on the identity of a dead person. This is not only illegal, it will also get those people in prison faster than can think.

Using a 100% legal and ethical method to live under the radar is vital.

The book written by Peter Bergmann the ‘Change Identity Bible‘ describes different legal change identity methods that also work in the digital world we live in now.


7 Easy Steps To Stay Under The Radar

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Top Reasons Why People Live Below the Radar

People decide to live under the radar for a lot of reason. And these days, changing your identity is no longer illegal unless one is doing it to mislead or for deceitful intentions.


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The Most Common Reasons People Choose to Get a New Identity

In movies we have seen a lot of stories about people who changed their identity and live a completely new life. However, is this something possible in real life? The answer is yes and no.


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I Want To Change My Identity

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